Commit f976beb7 authored by Manuel Cortez's avatar Manuel Cortez

OCR should be performed in quoted tweets too

parent bed6142f
......@@ -1572,18 +1572,25 @@ class Controller(object):
output.speak(_(u"Invalid buffer"))
tweet = buffer.get_tweet()
if ("entities" in tweet) == False or ("media" in tweet["entities"]) == False:
output.speak(_(u"This tweet doesn't contain images"))
if len(tweet["entities"]["media"]) > 1:
image_list = [_(u"Picture {0}").format(i,) for i in xrange(0, len(tweet["entities"]["media"]))]
media_list = []
if ("entities" in tweet) and ("media" in tweet["entities"]):
[media_list.append(i) for i in tweet["entities"]["media"] if i not in media_list]
elif "retweeted_status" in tweet and "media" in tweet["retweeted_status"]["entities"]:
[media_list.append(i) for i in tweet["retweeted_status"]["entities"]["media"] if i not in media_list]
elif "quoted_status" in tweet and "media" in tweet["quoted_status"]["entities"]:
[media_list.append(i) for i in tweet["quoted_status"]["entities"]["media"] if i not in media_list]
if len(media_list) > 1:
image_list = [_(u"Picture {0}").format(i,) for i in xrange(0, len(media_list))]
dialog = dialogs.urlList.urlList(title=_(u"Select the picture"))
if dialog.get_response() == widgetUtils.OK:
img = tweet["entities"]["media"][dialog.get_item()]
img = media_list[dialog.get_item()]
elif len(media_list) == 1:
img = media_list[0]
img = tweet["entities"]["media"][0]
output.speak(_(u"Invalid buffer"))
if buffer.session.settings["mysc"]["ocr_language"] != "":
ocr_lang = buffer.session.settings["mysc"]["ocr_language"]
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