Commit 2f488a5d authored by Manuel Cortez's avatar Manuel Cortez

Retrieve more anonimous info about creation of conversation buffers to debug some issues

parent 1622f864
......@@ -174,7 +174,9 @@ class Controller(object):
log.debug("Creating conversation buffers...")
msgs = self.session.vk.client.messages.getConversations(count=200, filter="all")
log.debug("Total conversations count: {}".format(msgs.get("count")))
log.debug("total conversations returned by VK: {}".format(len(msgs["items"])))
log.debug("Dictionary keys of conversations object: {}".format(msgs.keys()))
except VkApiError as ex:
if ex.code == 6:
log.exception("Something went wrong when getting messages. Waiting a second to retry")
......@@ -532,7 +534,8 @@ class Controller(object):
if hasattr(self, "longpoll"):
del self.longpoll
# @wx_call_after
def create_buffer(self, buffer_type="baseBuffer", buffer_title="", parent_tab=None, loadable=False, get_items=False, kwargs={}):
""" Create and insert a buffer in the specified place.
@buffer_type str: name of the buffer type to be created. This should be a class in the module.
......@@ -548,9 +551,9 @@ class Controller(object):
buffer.can_get_items = False
if parent_tab == None:
self.window.add_buffer(, buffer_title)
wx.CallAfter(self.window.add_buffer,, buffer_title)
self.window.insert_buffer(, buffer_title,
wx.CallAfter(self.window.insert_buffer,, buffer_title,
if get_items:
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