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Include C++ redistributables 2017 in Socializer executable files

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......@@ -19,6 +19,7 @@
### Changes
* Socializer will not be marked as Virus by most antivirus softwares due to a new build tool which is cleaner and less prone to be flagged by antivirus.
* Socializer is distributed with the Microsoft C++ redistributable package, so everyone will be able to use the software without needing to install any extra package.
* Replaced the underlying library we were using for spelling correction as is no longer in development. Instead, we started to use a new approach in socializer, which, in theory, should allow us to switch language for spelling correction and other benefits a bit later. For now, available languages are Russian, Ukranian, English, Polish and Spanish, but more languages can be added by request.
* When downloading a file (such as an audio file or document), the download process should be relatively faster due to some optimizations made in the function.
* Socializer now uses just the first name of users in typing notifications.
......@@ -36,7 +36,7 @@ build_exe_options = dict(
zip_include_packages=["accessible_output2", "sound_lib", "arrow"],
replace_paths = [("*", "")],
include_files=["session.defaults", "cacert.pem", "app-configuration.defaults", "locales", "sounds", "documentation", "../windows-dependencies/x86/oggenc2.exe", "../windows-dependencies/x86/bootstrap.exe", "../windows-dependencies/dictionaries", find_sound_lib_datafiles(), find_accessible_output2_datafiles()],
include_files=["session.defaults", "cacert.pem", "app-configuration.defaults", "locales", "sounds", "documentation", "../windows-dependencies/x86/oggenc2.exe", "../windows-dependencies/x86/bootstrap.exe", "../windows-dependencies/dictionaries", find_sound_lib_datafiles(), find_accessible_output2_datafiles(), ("../windows-dependencies/msvc32", ".")],
packages=["interactors", "presenters", "views", "wxUI"],
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