Commit 5c48f3ed authored by Manuel Cortez's avatar Manuel Cortez

Updated gitlab YML template

parent 8ebf5ded
......@@ -19,15 +19,22 @@ variables:
# this job is triggered on every commit to master, so we always will display the latest available version of the documentation in the website.
type: deploy
- windows10
# generate all html documents first.
- copy doc\
- cd doc
- '&$env:PYTHON3_32'
- cd ..\src
- '&$env:PYTHON3_32 ..\doc\'
- 'move documentation ..\'
# Update interface and documentation translation catalogs.
- '&$env:PYTHON3_32 extract_messages -F babel.cfg --input-dirs . --output-file socializer.pot'
- '&$env:PYTHON3_32 update_catalog --no-fuzzy-matching --domain socializer --output-dir locales --input-file socializer.pot'
- cd ..\doc
- '&$env:PYTHON3_32'
- cd ..\src
- 'move locales ..\'
- master
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