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Added some more info and handle a new case

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......@@ -455,7 +455,11 @@ class Controller(object):
elif user_id > 2000000000:
chat = self.session.vk.client.messages.getChat(chat_id=user_id-2000000000)
name = chat["title"]
log.debug("Buffer name: {}".format(name,))
log.debug("Buffer name: {}".format(name,))
elif user_id < -20000000:
app = self.session.vk.client.apps.get(id=user_id*-1)
name = app["items"][0]["title"]
pub.sendMessage("create_buffer", buffer_type="chatBuffer", buffer_title=name, parent_tab="chats", get_items=True, kwargs=dict(parent=self.window.tb, name="{0}_messages".format(user_id,), composefunc="render_message", parent_endpoint="messages", endpoint="getHistory", session=self.session, unread=unread, count=self.session.settings["buffers"]["count_for_chat_buffers"], peer_id=user_id, rev=0, extended=True, fields="id, user_id, date, read_state, out, body, attachments, deleted"))
# if setfocus:
# pos =
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