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Added more logging info

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......@@ -180,7 +180,9 @@ class Controller(object):
except VkApiError as ex:
if ex.code == 6:
log.exception("Something went wrong when getting messages. Waiting a second to retry")
log.debug("Creating buffer conversation for {} buffers".format(len(msgs["items"])))
for i in msgs["items"]:
log.debug("Creating chat buffer for peer_id {}".format(i["last_message"]["peer_id"]))
self.chat_from_id(i["last_message"]["peer_id"], setfocus=False, unread=False)
def get_audio_albums(self, user_id=None, create_buffers=True, force_action=False):
......@@ -435,8 +437,10 @@ class Controller(object):
@ setfocus boolean: If set to True, the buffer will receive focus automatically right after being created.
@ unread: if set to True, the last message of the buffer will be marked as unread
log.debug("Received request to create buffer for conversation {0} with args of unread={1}, setfocus={2}".format(user_id, unread, setfocus))
b = self.search_chat_buffer(user_id)
if b != None:
log.debug("Chat buffer found. Skipping...")
pos =
if setfocus:
......@@ -444,12 +448,14 @@ class Controller(object):
# Get name based in the ID.
# for users.
log.debug("Determining name for buffer...")
if user_id > 0 and user_id < 2000000000:
user = self.session.get_user(user_id, key="user1")
name = user["user1_nom"]
elif user_id > 2000000000:
chat = self.session.vk.client.messages.getChat(chat_id=user_id-2000000000)
name = chat["title"]
log.debug("Buffer name: {}".format(name,))
pub.sendMessage("create_buffer", buffer_type="chatBuffer", buffer_title=name, parent_tab="chats", get_items=True, kwargs=dict(parent=self.window.tb, name="{0}_messages".format(user_id,), composefunc="render_message", parent_endpoint="messages", endpoint="getHistory", session=self.session, unread=unread, count=self.session.settings["buffers"]["count_for_chat_buffers"], peer_id=user_id, rev=0, extended=True, fields="id, user_id, date, read_state, out, body, attachments, deleted"))
# if setfocus:
# pos =
......@@ -544,6 +550,7 @@ class Controller(object):
@loadable bool: If set to True, the new buffer will not be able to load contents until can_get_items will be set to True.
@get_items bool: If set to True, get_items will be called inmediately after creating the buffer.
log.debug("Creating buffer of type {0} with parent_tab of {2} arguments {1}".format(buffer_type, kwargs, parent_tab))
if not hasattr(buffers, buffer_type):
raise AttributeError("Specified buffer type does not exist: %s" % (buffer_type,))
buffer = getattr(buffers, buffer_type)(**kwargs)
......@@ -551,9 +558,11 @@ class Controller(object):
buffer.can_get_items = False
if parent_tab == None:
log.debug("Appending buffer {}...".format(buffer,))
self.window.add_buffer(, buffer_title)
self.window.insert_buffer(, buffer_title,
log.debug("Inserting buffer {0} into control {1}".format(buffer,
if get_items:
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