Commit d443b99f authored by Manuel Cortez's avatar Manuel Cortez

Fixed context menu in audio buffers

parent b977e2b2
......@@ -33,7 +33,7 @@ class audioMenu(wx.Menu):
self.move = self.Append(wx.NewId(), _("Move to album")) = self.Append(wx.NewId(), _("Download")) = self.Append(wx.NewId(), _("Select all"))
self.unselect = self.Append(wx.NewId(), _("Unselect all"))
self.deselect = self.Append(wx.NewId(), _("Unselect all"))
class peopleMenu(wx.Menu):
def __init__(self, is_request=False, is_subscriber=False, not_friend=False, *args, **kwargs):
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