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    Release v0.23

    this is the Version 0.23 release of socializer.

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    Release v0.16

    Version 0.16 (13.12.2018)

    This is the first released version after the Two years of inactivity in socializer. Changes are made in all aspects of the application, making it virtually impossible to describe what has been changed in these notes. In future releases, you will see a list of changes in the release page (this page), but for now, all I can suggest is to visit the manual page and read the document carefully to understand how to use the application. Below are the most relevant changes since the last version, a list of known issues and a download link to get the latest nightly build in a zip file.

    changes in this version

    • Added two more buffers: "Pending requests" and "I follow", located in the people buffer, under "friendship requests".
    • Added an experimental photo viewer. Will show options for displaying the next and previous photo if the current post contains multiple images. Fullscreen button still doesn't work.
    • Improved the chat features present in the application. Read documentation to get a full understanding about how it works now.
    • Added video management (my videos, video albums and video search). For playing videos, you will be redirected to a website in your browser due to the VK'S policy.
    • Added a setting that allows you to specify if you want socializer to load images when you are opening posts. It could be useful for slow connections or those who don't want images to be loaded.
    • Added basic tagging for users in posts and comments. You can tag only people in your friends buffer.
    • Added a basic user profile viewer.
    • Added support for listening voice messages in chats. Currently it is not possible to send them.
    • Fixed an error that was making Socializer unable to display chat history properly. It was showing the first 200 items in a conversation instead the last 200 items. Now chat will be displayed accordingly.
    • Changed the chat history widget from list of items to a read only text box, similar to how it was displayed in skype. Now the widget should be fully visible and messages will work in the same way.
    • It is possible to play songs sent in a chat message by opening them from the attachments panel.
    • Reimplemented most of the audio playback methods (audio albums buffer still not working).
    • Added some notifications and chat notifications when friends are online and offline. Most notifications can be configured from settings.

    Known issues

    • The access token that socializer gets for authenticating in the VK API expires every 24 hours. If the application stops working (you will receive a notification from the chat server, saying that is disconnected and no chat messages will be sent), you need to restart the application to restore access by generating a new token. The new token will be generated automatically and will expire in 24 hours.
    • Every five minutes, socializer will display a notification indicating that the application is online. This has been coded as a test and will be removed in the next version.


    socializer is available in a zip archive, containing all files needed to run the application. You need to download the file and unzip it in an empty folder. Open the socializer.exe file to start authorising your account.

    Download socializer 0.16

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