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......@@ -340,13 +340,13 @@ class Controller(object):
if "url" in audio_object and audio_object["url"] =="":
self.notify(message=_("This file could not be played because it is not allowed in your country"))
call_threaded(player.player.play, audio_object, fresh=True)
pub.sendMessage("play", object=audio_object, fresh=True)
def play_audios(self, audios):
""" Play all audios passed in alist, putting the audio in a queue of the media player.
@audios list: A list of Vk audio objects.
player.player.play_all(audios, shuffle=self.window.player_shuffle.IsChecked())
pub.sendMessage("play_all", list_of_songs=audios, shuffle=self.window.player_shuffle.IsChecked())
def view_post(self, post_object, controller_):
""" Display the passed post in the passed post presenter.
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
""" Audio player module for socializer.
As this player does not have (still) an associated GUI, I have decided to place here the code for the interactor, which connects a bunch of pubsub events, and the presenter itself.
import sys
import random
import output
import sound_lib
import logging
import sound_lib
import output
import config
from sound_lib.config import BassConfig
from sound_lib.stream import URLStream
from sound_lib.main import BassError
from mysc.repeating_timer import RepeatingTimer
from pubsub import pub
from mysc.repeating_timer import RepeatingTimer
player = None
log = logging.getLogger("player")
# This function will be deprecated when the player works with pubsub events, as will no longer be needed to instantiate and import the player directly.
def setup():
global player
if player == None:
player = audioPlayer()
class audioPlayer(object):
""" A media player which will play all passed URLS."""
def __init__(self):
# control variable for checking if another file has been sent to the player before,
# thus avoiding double file playback and other oddities happening in sound_lib from time to time.
self.is_playing = False
# This will be the URLStream handler
self.stream = None
self.vol = config.app["sound"]["volume"]
# this variable is set to true when the URLPlayer is decoding something, thus it will block other calls to the play method.
self.is_working = False
# Playback queue.
self.queue = []
# Index of the currently playing track.
self.playing_track = 0
# Status of the player.
self.stopped = True
# Modify some default settings present in Bass so it will increase timeout connection, thus causing less "connection timed out" errors when playing.
bassconfig = BassConfig()
# Set timeout connection to 30 seconds.
bassconfig["net_timeout"] = 30000
pub.subscribe(self.play, "play")
pub.subscribe(self.play_all, "play_all")
pub.subscribe(self.pause, "pause")
pub.subscribe(self.stop, "stop")
pub.subscribe(self.play_next, "play_next")
pub.subscribe(self.play_previous, "play_previous")
def play(self, url, set_info=True, fresh=False):
def play(self, object, set_info=True, fresh=False):
""" Play an URl Stream.
@object dict: typically an audio object as returned by VK, with a "url" component which must be a valid URL to a media file.
@set_info bool: If true, will set information about the currently playing audio in the application status bar.
@fresh bool: If True, will remove everything playing in the queue and start this file only. otherwise it will play the new file but not remove the current queue."""
if self.stream != None and self.stream.is_playing == True:
......@@ -50,19 +72,15 @@ class audioPlayer(object):
if self.is_working == False:
self.is_working = True
# Let's encode the URL as bytes if on Python 3
if sys.version[0] == "3":
url_ = bytes(url["url"], "utf-8")
url_ = url["url"]
url_ = bytes(object["url"], "utf-8")
self.stream = URLStream(url=url_)
except IndexError:
log.error("Unable to play URL")
log.error("Unable to play URL %s" % (url_))
# Translators: {0} will be replaced with a song's title and {1} with the artist.
if set_info:
msg = _("Playing {0} by {1}").format(url["title"], url["artist"])
msg = _("Playing {0} by {1}").format(object["title"], object["artist"])
pub.sendMessage("update-status-bar", status=msg)
self.stream.volume = self.vol/100.0
......@@ -70,6 +88,7 @@ class audioPlayer(object):
self.is_working = False
def stop(self):
""" Stop audio playback. """
if self.stream != None and self.stream.is_playing == True:
self.stopped = True
......@@ -79,6 +98,7 @@ class audioPlayer(object):
self.queue = []
def pause(self):
""" pause the current playback, without destroying the queue or the current stream. If the stream is already paused this function will resume the playback. """
if self.stream != None:
if self.stream.is_playing == True:
......@@ -105,11 +125,14 @@ class audioPlayer(object):
if self.stream != None:
self.stream.volume = self.vol/100.0
def play_all(self, list_of_urls, shuffle=False):
def play_all(self, list_of_songs, shuffle=False):
""" Play all passed songs and adds all of those to the queue.
@list_of_songs list: A list of audio objects returned by VK.
@shuffle bool: If True, the files will be played randomly."""
self.playing_track = 0
# Skip all country restricted tracks as they are not playable here.
self.queue = [i for i in list_of_urls if i["url"] != ""]
self.queue = [i for i in list_of_songs if i["url"] != ""]
if shuffle:
......@@ -117,6 +140,7 @@ class audioPlayer(object):
def player_function(self):
""" Check if the stream has reached the end of the file so it will play the next song. """
if self.stream != None and self.stream.is_playing == False and self.stopped == False and len(self.stream) == self.stream.position:
if len(self.queue) == 0 or self.playing_track >= len(self.queue):
......@@ -126,6 +150,7 @@ class audioPlayer(object):
def play_next(self):
""" Play the next song in the queue. """
if len(self.queue) == 0:
if self.playing_track < len(self.queue)-1:
......@@ -135,6 +160,7 @@ class audioPlayer(object):
def play_previous(self):
""" Play the previous song in the queue. """
if len(self.queue) == 0:
if self.playing_track <= 0:
......@@ -144,6 +170,7 @@ class audioPlayer(object):
def check_is_playing(self):
""" check if the player is already playing a stream. """
if self.stream == None:
return False
if self.stream != None and self.stream.is_playing == False: